Parkinson’s disease and safety at home

For anyone suffering with Parkinson’s disease there are a few home adjustments which can be made. Adjustments which cost very little, but will help a great deal. Not only due to the fact that they help prevent falls in the home, but also due to the fact that the provide security for mind and body, and ease of movement around the home.

Installation of grab handles in fitting places is a great way to ensure that there is always something to hold on to should it be needed. Outside and inside of the main entrance to the home is a good idea, as often these doors require more to open than the doors inside. The same goes for the bathroom, ensuring that there is always something to hold on to will not only remove friction and frustration in performing everyday tasks, but also provide a great safety measure in preventing falls.

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Ensuring that a good routine of always cleaning up spills from the floor instantly will help prevent accidents, and making sure there is enough space to move freely by decluttering and removing excessive furniture from the way is also a good idea. Depending on each case and living scenario it’s also good to install rails on both sides of the stairs should they be present, and if necessary rearrange the room and the daily routine so that stairs can be avoided as much as possible.

Providing good lighting will also help greatly, as balance is diminished with low lighting conditions. Of course it’s good to speak with your doctor about what changes may be good to make at home to be able to keep a good life without frustration and danger.