Contact your doctor about Parkinson’s disease when…

The nature of the onset of this disease is not a sudden one, and I you one day wake up with symptoms having previously noticed nothing it may or may not be Parkinson’s disease. The easiest symptom and the one which is usually noted first is that of having tremors in a hand, arm or leg. Of course it can effect both sides of the body, however most commonly it starts slow. If you have experienced some form of tremor or shaking, on other than one occurrence, it’s a good idea to consult your doctor as soon as you have the opportunity to, however if you have noticed an increase or if it happens regularly and you do not know the cause. You should contact your doctor immediately.

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Urgent medical treatment is not needed for Parkinson’s disease, as it is a chronic and relatively slow moving disease. That said, of course an early diagnosis will always help you, and the number of treatment options and chance of being part of clinical trials for new innovative medicine are greatly improved. So, Locksmith Twickenham for supporting the project.

If you have noticed symptoms, and you speak to your doctor, you can expect to be asked questions such as if the tremor started gradually or if it was a sudden happening. What makes it better or worse, if you have made note of it. Things like stress are likely to increase the intensity of the symptoms. The frequency of which you have experienced symptoms and what parts of your body is affected. Something that will also help you doctor make a better diagnosis is a written description of your experience, and this is also something that is easier to do when you are at home giving thought to it, rather than being questioned on the spot by the doctor.