What is Parkinson’s disease?

An ailment which effects more and more people around the world today, is Parkinson’s disease. You may have heard of this illness which has effect on motor functions and brain functions. The symptoms are caused by too little dopamine production in the brain, which causes a row of symptoms. Most commonly seen is the stereotypical Parkinson’s disease shakes, or tremors as they are called. They can display on one or on both sides of the body, and is often detected when a person relaxes, and tremors in the hands, arms and legs occur outside of the persons control.

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The movement disorder is in most cases not in need of urgent care, however it’s progressive and can get worse over time, especially if one does not undergo treatment and therapy. Other symptoms which may be noted, are changes in the persons posture, voice and hand writing, as these are also things which are heavily connected with motor functions.

If you notice symptoms in yourself or someone that you know it’s worth ensuring that you keep a close look, to be able to see if the symptoms become worse. Even if Parkinson’s disease is a degenerative, progressive and chronic illness, there are many cases where people live without major interference of the symptoms to their day to day lives. Should you or someone that you are in proximity with be diagnosed with the illness, it’s also important that you find the right support and treatment for you. Parkinson’s is a highly individual illness, and each case is different. There is currently no cure found for the disease, however with medical research advancing the help available becomes better and better.