Non motoric symptoms of Parkinson’s disease

The list of symptoms which can affect those who have the disease is very long, beyond the stereo typical and most commonly known motor function symptoms which can be seen there are many mental and bodily issues that can occur. Parkinson’s disease is a very individual illness, and symptoms vary to a high degree, both in intensity and what is noticed. Shakes, tremors and movement difficulties are commonly associated with Parkinson’s disease, but there are many symptoms which also stem from the breakdown of nerve cells. To mention some of the most common other symptoms which a Parkinson’s disease patient can experience; constipation can be caused by the illness itself, but is in some cases also brought on by the treatment which the patient undergoes. Getting around this problem is not rocket science, and a diet high in fruit, veggies, beans and whole grains will most likely resolve the issue naturally. Of course there are both natural and chemical medicines which can help the symptoms, but recommended by most doctors is to ensure a varied diet.

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Many Parkinson’s disease patient also suffer some sexual problems, and this is more likely to occur for men. At times Viagra is prescribed to help aid the patient back to a good sexual life.
There are also symptoms which include dizziness, excessive saliva production, oily skin, sweating and intolerance to heat. There are also relation to sleep issues, such as insomnia and problems with tiredness. With sleep being such a delicate matter, and often affected by the disease, the patient may also experience fatigue. Sometimes this is cause by the illness, but at times it’s experienced as a side effects of the medical treatment. Related to Parkinson’s disease is also mental illnesses such as anxiety, depression and dementia.