Mind exercise is good for those with Parkinson’s disease as well as for everyone

Research clearly shows that for those who keep active in mind, their ability to keep thought and interact with the world is far less likely to diminish in capacity over age. This is of course especially important for victims of Parkinson’s disease but can help anyone in prevention of Alzheimer’s and dementia. The best way to keep the mind active are things such as puzzles, games, doing cross words and so forth. On top of that, managing your brain exercises has also been proved to aid in everyday task and concentration. Should you for example engage with this type of mind training each day for a period of 6 weeks or longer the positive effects of this training, unlike the benefits of physical workouts, will last for years to come. It may be a grim way to look at it, however if you see the mind as something which is on a constant decline, keeping it fit can slow down or even halt this detrition.

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It’s also always good to try and learn new things as a challenge for the mind. Learning something like a second language, or gauging a new musical instrument is something proven to engage the mind greatly. Playing games, anything from card games to strategy games like chess is also a great help, on top of that it’s something that can be much fun and a greatly rewarding activity in itself. All memory and puzzle games are also a great way to exercise your mind, good examples are doing cross words and playing number puzzles like soduku. Of course reading, writing and other activities that your mind requires focus and work to do are good activities to engage with on a daily basis.