Fall prevention for those with Parkinson’s disease

There are millions of people around the globe facing a life with a chronical and progressive illness known as Parkinson’s disease. The symptoms which signifies the illness is the diminishing motor functions of the one inflicted, and can often be recognized in shakes and tremors.

The level of disability in motor functions vary from case to case, but sometimes the symptoms can be severe enough to easily cause falls and accidents. This is why we would like to give some information in basic and easy fall prevention for those it may be applicable to. This knowledge is also good to have if someone you know and love has this illness, as so to be able to better aid them in their day to day life. The primary thing in fall prevention is to ensure that you have a good doctor administering the right treatment and helping with the physio therapy which will strengthen body, motor control and confidence. If work to keep in good shape and good mind is underway half the job is already done.

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For fall prevention in the home there are a few pointers which are good to keep in mind. Firstly ensure that the place is kept tidy with minimal amount of clutter and potential fall hazards are present, ensure that wires are tucked away and out of the way and remove unnecessary rugs and carpets and keep furniture out of the way. Ensure there is grab bars and anti-slip mats installed in the bathroom, and it’s also a good idea to install grab handles next to any door which requires it, especially important here are the front and back door as here often keys are needed, and extra support is not only good for the physical security, but also for the mental security of the person in question.