Fall prevention for those with Parkinson’s disease

There are millions of people around the globe facing a life with a chronical and progressive illness known as Parkinson’s disease. The symptoms which signifies the illness is the diminishing motor functions of the one inflicted, and can often be recognized in shakes and tremors.

The level of disability in motor functions vary from case to case, but sometimes the symptoms can be severe enough to easily cause falls and accidents. This is why we would like to give some information in basic and easy fall prevention for those it may be applicable to.

This knowledge is also good to have if someone you know and love has this illness, as so to be able to better aid them in their day to day life.

The primary thing in fall prevention is to ensure that you have a good doctor administering the right treatment and helping with the physio therapy which will strengthen body, motor control and confidence. If work to keep in good shape and good mind is underway half the job is already done.

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For fall prevention in the home there are a few pointers which are good to keep in mind. Firstly ensure that the place is kept tidy with minimal amount of clutter and potential fall hazards are present, ensure that wires are tucked away and out of the way and remove unnecessary rugs and carpets and keep furniture out of the way.

Ensure there is grab bars and anti-slip mats installed in the bathroom, and it’s also a good idea to install grab handles next to any door which requires it, especially important here are the front and back door as here often keys are needed, and extra support is not only good for the physical security, but also for the mental security of the person in question.

Falls among roofers living with Parkinson’s disease

Roofing is a physically demanding job that requires balance, coordination, and agility. For roofers with Parkinson’s disease, these challenges are amplified, making fall prevention a crucial aspect of ensuring their safety and well-being. In this article, we will explore effective strategies and precautions that can be taken to prevent falls among roofers living with Parkinson’s disease.

Understanding Parkinson’s Disease and its Impact

What is Parkinson’s Disease?

Parkinson’s disease is a progressive neurological disorder that affects movement control. It is characterized by tremors, muscle rigidity, and impaired balance. As the disease advances, individuals may experience difficulties in maintaining their stability, increasing the risk of falls.

The Impact on Roofers

Roofing involves working at heights and navigating uneven surfaces. Parkinson’s disease can further compromise a roofer’s ability to react swiftly to changes in terrain and maintain equilibrium, significantly increasing the likelihood of accidents.

Fall Prevention Strategies

1. Regular Exercise and Physical Therapy

Engaging in targeted exercises and physical therapy routines can enhance muscle strength, flexibility, and balance. These exercises should focus on improving core stability and lower body strength, enabling roofers with Parkinson’s to better navigate challenging work environments.

2. Utilizing Assistive Equipment

Roofers with Parkinson’s disease should consider using assistive devices such as harnesses, safety ropes, and non-slip footwear. These tools provide an extra layer of protection by reducing the impact of imbalance and helping prevent falls.

3. Mindful Work Scheduling

Planning work schedules to accommodate periods of optimal symptom control can make a significant difference. Roofers should aim to tackle more challenging tasks during periods when their medication is most effective and their symptoms are better managed.

4. Safety Training and Education

Comprehensive safety training should be provided to all roofers, especially those with Parkinson’s disease. This training should cover techniques for maintaining balance, using safety equipment effectively, and recognizing potential hazards on the job.

5. Regular Medical Check-ups

Frequent medical check-ups allow for close monitoring of Parkinson’s symptoms and the adjustment of medication as needed. Proper symptom management can contribute to better motor control and reduce the risk of falls.

Real-life Success Story

Overcoming Challenges: The Story of Alex

Alex, a skilled roofer diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, faced significant obstacles in his career. However, with determination and the implementation of fall prevention strategies, Alex not only continued his work but also became an advocate for safety among roofers with Parkinson’s.


Falls among roofers with Parkinson’s disease can have serious consequences, but with the right strategies and precautions, they can be effectively prevented. By incorporating regular exercise, utilizing assistive equipment, mindful scheduling, safety training, and proper medical care, roofers can continue to work safely and confidently.


1. Can roofers with Parkinson’s disease still work safely?

Yes, with the appropriate fall prevention strategies, roofers with Parkinson’s disease can work safely and effectively.

2. How does exercise help in fall prevention?

Exercise improves muscle strength and balance, which are crucial for preventing falls among individuals with Parkinson’s disease.

3. Are there specific assistive devices for roofers?

Yes, roofers can benefit from harnesses, safety ropes, and non-slip footwear to enhance their safety while working at heights.

4. What role does medication play in fall prevention?

Properly managed medication can help control Parkinson’s symptoms, improving motor control and reducing the risk of falls.