Tips on how to conserve your energy if you live with Parkinson’s disease

One of the most important things to learn if you are living with Parkinson’s disease is how to conserve your energy. This is of course something which can help anyone reduce stress and frustration, however especially important for those who have been diagnosed with this chronical and progressive disorder. This is to be able to conserve a good quality of life without stress and frustration which in the case of Parkinson’s disease victims will worsen symptoms and fasten the progression of the illness.

The first thing is to become more simple, tasks which need to be performed in the day need to become simple, and realistic goals are also important, to ensure that there is no negative energy from not managing goals not manageable. If you’ve just been diagnosed, keep in mind that there are some lifestyle changes that need to occur, and thinking that thing will be like they have always been is not a good way to approach things.

It’s of the highest importance to ensure that you do not schedule in too many things in a day, and the activities which take a lot of energy should be left for the days when you are feeling at your best. Ensuring you always have time to rest is important, and if there are many physical activities in your day, longer periods of rest are also needed, and where possible it may be a good idea to also put your feet up to help reduce swelling of the limbs and other symptoms.

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An active life with Parkinson’s disease is highly possible, and there are many living happily with the disease, and understanding that there will be a period of getting used to things is good to remember if you or your loved one have just been diagnosed with the disease.