Balance and Parkinson’s disease

There are many discussions about how to best plan yourself and balance your life if you are living with Parkinson’s disease. Of course the discussions are as wide and varied as the number of cases of the disease. Parkinson’s disease is a highly individual illness, and the way it manifests in a person is different each time. The factors which play a role in how the illness displays itself are many, and as the exact cause is still unknown, just as there is no current cure, there is no right or wrong when it comes to how to balance.

Things like learning how to listen to yourself, your body, and setting realistic goals in the life routine are general though. And those who keep a good attitude and manage to remove stress and frustration from their day to day as much as possible, also seem to respond better both to treatment, as well as live more fulfilling lives.

If a diagnosis should arrive to you, or to a loved one of yours, you should of course be prepared to make some changes in your day routine to be able to keep a good balance in your life. Ensuring there is exercise, a varied diet to supplement any treatment you or your loved one may undergo as well as ensuring there are good day plans which mean that you can live seamlessly, with space for activity, rest and rehabilitation. Ensuring a good life balance will ensure the best possible chances to live to the highest possible standard, even with Parkinson’s disease.

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Some small tips and tricks which have been proven to work with Parkinson’s patients are to avoid naps to improve the quality of sleep during the night, ensure that eating habits are in line with mediation and keeping a good regime of activity and exercises for both body and mind.