Vitamin D, vital in the protection against Parkinson’s disease

The specific reason to why an individual gets this illness is widely unknown, and although researchers are still working on a cure, there have been findings suggesting a strong relation between sufficient levels of vitamin D and preventing Parkinson’s disease. Ensuring that you have enough vitamin D in your body is easily done, as it’s something that your body produces on its own via exposure to sunlight. As a rough estimate you need to ensure 40% of your skin surface gets direct sunlight for around 20 during the midday sun to produce what you need.

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There is of course also the option to take supplements or ensure that you diet contains enough of what you need. Fatty fish is a brilliant option to ensure that you get both vitamin D as well as the omega 3 fatty acids, which are also vital to ensure good brain function. You can also ensure that you buy fortified foods, often different types of soy or almond milks will have been fortified with vitamin D, and there are some mushrooms which are grown in conditions infusing them also with these vital vitamins. Egg yolks may be the most common and convenient method to ensure that you get enough, and with the wide variety of ways of cooking egg you will also not get bored of the food you are eating. Beef liver is also something that naturally contains this vitamin, however if you are vegan or vegetarian it may also be a good idea to ensure that you take nutrition supplements. Ask your pharmacist or specialist about what type of combination of food you need to eat with it to ensure that your body can take up what it needs, and keep a long a healthy life.