Holiday with Parkinson’s disease

When it comes to traveling and taking a holiday someplace different to your home it’s much the same as for any traveller with a few extra things that may be good to keep in mind. With good planning and preparation there is nothing to say that you, even as someone suffering with chronic illness, will not have the time of your life.

There are a few vital things if you are taking that long needed holiday. Firstly it’s important that you don’t travel alone, and ensuring that you keep some necessities with you at all times is vital. These necessities include always wearing a badge or wristband stating that you have Parkinson’s disease. Using a back pack or another bag which leaves both your hands free to aid with balance is of course important, and trying to pack light will also help in this. Ensure that you always have a dry place to store medication and ensure that you always have some snacks and water with you.

parkinsons disease 03

Before travelling it’s also good to ensure that your insurance company have all your details, as well as when making reservations for a room, ensure that it’s on the ground floor or near an elevator to make things easier. Lastly, consulting your doctor before you start planning your journey is important. Other than that we can but wish you a good holiday. And remember, being diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease is no reason to put your life on pause, and if you have the opportunity to go places and see things that you would like to. Just do it. Travelling with Parkinson’s disease may require some extra security measures and some extra planning, but this is no reason to not take the step.