Living well with Parkinson’s disease

If you or someone that you love have just been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease it’s important that you are aware, that a diagnosis by no means have to mean end of life for you, or your loved one. There are of course some changes which you and, or your loved one will have to make in the day to day life to ensure safety and proper care and treatment for the disease, however many live long and well. Keeping general good health, such as a good diet and regular exercise for the body and mind is important, and ensuring that the help required not only for the disease but for the one who is the caregiver of the person in question is of high importance.

Parkinson’s disease is a wide spread and relatively common neurological disease which effects the nervous system and the brain. Speaking to specialists is as important as speaking to others who are living with a presence of this illness in their lives. It is from them you will find the support, understanding, relativity and tips which will help you and your loved one to keep well. Having tools installed in your home may also be something which is applicable, that will not only provide safety at home, reduce the risk of falls, as well as make the day to day life easier.

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A question which may also be applicable is that of sexual dysfunction, as this is something especially common for men with Parkinson’s disease. On this point it’s important to know that there are good treatments in place despite the individual nature of the symptoms displayed by the illness, and in many cases sex is something which can be engaged with and enjoyed by those with Parkinson’s disease. It’s important that you speak with your doctor on this point as well, to ensure that what can be done is done to aid you or your loved on in living well.