Parkinson’s disease and diet

We would like to bring you some pointers when it comes to diet should you or someone you know have been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease recently. In general the dietary requirements and guidelines for Parkinson’s patients are also good to implement for anyone, as for healthy living and for the prevention of Parkinson’s disease. The main points, are to keep a good and balanced diet which supplies the body and the mind with all the vital components to keep strong. Of course in each case of Parkinson’s disease there are individual and specific factors, which is why it’s important to speak with your doctor about what you eat and drink. A healthy diet is always also complementary to a healthy lifestyle in which you provide exercise for body and mind as well.
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The first point to bring up, is to ensure that there is good variety in your diet, there is no such thing as one superfood which will provide all the nutrition you need in one easy snack, ensuring that food from every category is included in your daily intake is the first step to ensure that you are doing what you can to help you brain keep healthy.

Foods high in fibre is of vital importance, and we bring this up not because it’s rare or difficult to get enough of, just that it’s one of the things that is most commonly missing in the diet of the general public. Dark leafy greens and a lot of vegetables, peas, beans and whole grain foods is the way to ensure that you have enough.

Doing what you can to limit the intake of saturated fats and sugar is also something highly beneficial as well as only picking up the salt shaker in times where it’s really needed. Making sure that you drink at least a few glasses of water each day is also important.