To keep in mind in the day to day things with Parkinson’s disease

There are some general things which are very good to keep in mind when it comes to adjusting to a new day to day with Parkinson’s disease. This especially important for those who have just been diagnosed, as here hidden frustration can be more imposing, as there are many things which are changing and in requirement of getting used to. Things which may help remove frustration and stress are things like conserving energy, and ensuring that you plan to make life as easy and as smooth running as possible. Sitting down is always a good day to ensure that your day to day things pass without any big energy expenditure.

Ensuring there is a chair present where you get dressed, where you brush your teeth, where you wash and so forth is a good first step to take. Ensuring that there is support bars in your home where it can help with balance, for instance next to the doors which require a key to open, and in places of stairs and so forth. Getting into a good routine of always cleaning up spills directly is also a good way to prevent falls due to slipping.

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Some other pointers like choosing clothes that rap around, as opposing the pull over type is good, just like it’s a good idea to choose loose fitting clothes which have elastic waistbands and so forth. There are also tools which can help you get dressed if you suffer shoulder weakness, such as a clothes hook.
Choose suiting tools for washing, soap on a rope, math mitts or sponges on sticks and other tools of your choice. You will have to feel what is suiting and what works best for you. There are toothbrushes available with finger loops for instance, or perhaps an electric toothbrush is to your preference. Ensuring that you have the right tools available at home for easy living will prove invaluable to conserving your energy, which is an invaluable resource for anyone suffering with Parkinson’s disease.