Michael J Fox Foundation

One of the most famous persons who is known for the battle against Parkinson’s disease is of course the great actor Michael J Fox, who was diagnosed relatively early with this illness. Though out the years in the spot light Michael J Fox has showed strength, dedication and inspired many to help battle this common illness. We would like to tell you a little more about the Michael J Fox foundation, which is set up with one goal in mind. Simply accelerating breakthroughs to make progress in the key areas of risk, challenges and a fully patient focused foundation. Development of speed treatments which can slow, stop or reverse the progression of the illness, as well as working to better the treatments which are currently not given full attention.

As the foundations own website states, they are obsessed with efficiency, and are looking to find a cure for Parkinson’s disease in this life time. A strong team of risk takers and problem solvers who work from a different model. Rather than a focus on how to spend donor raised dollars this foundation aims to build an in house team of specialists of trained PhDs and project manages to ensure progress towards finding a cure, rather than focus on other things which are beside the point.

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If you are interested in helping this wonderful team of dedicated and hard working humanitarians please visit the official website and donate generously to their cause. Their approach is different, and with the hard push of a strong public figure there is nothing to say that they will not be successful in their endeavours to find the cause and cure of this illness which effects millions of people around the world.